10 Mistakes to Avoid When Training Cannabis Plants for Maximum Yield

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Training Cannabis Plants for Maximum Yield

First, let’s give you some tips. If you haven’t trained cannabis plants before, don’t try to learn all the techniques at once. Learn them one at a time over time. Also, you can’t teach a cannabis plant by talking to it Saying “sit ask.” You will not change your plant’s behavior. We also advise you to train only the healthiest of your plants. Training is stressful and plants need time to recover from training.

For this reason, our second common mistake is to do more than one method of exercise at one time, because in this case there is a greater chance of killing your plants.

The next common mistake is to not doing any training at all. Since this means you won’t be able to optimize your growing space.

Fourth, feeding too early will lead to a slowdown.

Fifth, if you raise the plant too late you get a plant that looks like a Christmas tree. This is best done after thinning, not when the plants are young, as they cannot handle the stress of thinning. Thinning and defoliation should be done before flowering.

Increases yield. Involves feeding the plant several times. However, if done more than once when plant’s growth is too young, the plant will end up
the plant will take longer to recover Reduces air circulation and promotes mold and disease.

Do not use garters that can damage plants when conducting LST stress training. Garter branches by avoiding hard plastic and metal, and instead consider using bending clamps. This can be very costly.

Forgetting to support heavy Cannabis buds during propagation. Genetics have helped increase the size of the The buds have increased branch strength
is still lagging, and a heavy cropper can cause branches to break.

A trellis or tomato cage as an example of effective support for cannabis plants while defoliation is good for letting light into critical areas of yours. Excessive defoliation can do far more harm than good. Remove only leaves only after the plant is sufficiently mature and is fully vegetated. Do not HST high stress training on weak or autoflowering plants because the growing season growth period is too short for plants to recover from it.

Don’t get too excited, although cannabis plants can be quite lenient and if you don’t make all of the above mistakes, you’ll be fine.