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  • Medical Marijuana, Cannabis

    The Benefits of Medicinal Marijuana

    The benefits of cannabis as medicine may still be hotly debated among politicians, but the millions of people who have

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  • Can Topical Cannabis Heal Wounds?

    Topical cannabis is perhaps one of the most underrated uses of the herb. Topical cannabis refers to balms, lotions, creams,

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  • Cannabis Leaf for Medical Use

    Cannabis has been shown to be an effective treatment for many disorders, conditions, and diseases. Certain conditions, such as epilepsy,

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  • Jeff Sessions Personally Asked Congress to Let Him Prosecute Medical-Marijuana Providers

    Congressional leaders are being asked by Attorney General Jeff Sessions to undo federal medical-marijuana protections which have been in place

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  • Florida Lawmakers Poised to Pass Medical Marijuana Compromise

    Legislative leaders in FL have made a compromise on a marijuana plan. This compromise includes 10 new medical-marijuana operators, as

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  • Cannabis in Place of Opioids? Experts at World Medical Cannabis Conference Make the Argument

    At a recent expo, physicians and cannabis experts had a discussion on the potential of replacing opioids with cannabis for

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  • Doctors: Flow Chart to Use Cannabis to Taper Off Opioids

    Here you will find Dr. Smith’s opioid tapering flow chart, which he is discussing today. It is posted below.  
  • Absolute CBD Oil Product Review

    Medicinal Marijuana is on the up–rise and with many products coming out I thought it was appropriate to review the

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  • Cannabis Pharmacy Book Review

    Book Author: Micheal Backes and Andrew Weil, M.D Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers (2014) Softbound 272 pgs. Available for sale:

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  • Marijuana: The World’s Most Misunderstood Plant Book Review

    Book Author: Jeffery Friedman Broome Publishing(2015) Softbound 241 pgs. Available for sale: $19 Kindle: $9.99 Jeffery Friedman has a large

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