How are new strains of cannabis created?

Cannabis strains are created in a variety of ways. Some are naturally occurring, while others are the result of specific breeding efforts. It is important to understand how new strains of cannabis are created so that consumers can make informed decisions about purchasing products that will meet their needs and preferences.

One way new cannabis strains come into existence is through natural genetic variation. Plant seeds can be saved from one generation to the next, allowing for traits such as THC levels or potency to vary over time. This natural process has led to an extensive selection of different types of cannabis plants with varying properties, effects and aromas available today in both medicinal and recreational markets.

Another significant way that new cannabis strains have been developed over recent years is through hybridization or cross-breeding between two genetically distinct cannabis varieties. This allows growers and breeders to combine characteristics from various plant lines to create unique hybrids with desired qualities like flavor profiles, yield size, pest resistance or cannabinoid content which may be more desirable than the original parent plants alone. Hybrids also permit medical marijuana patients access to cannabidiol (CBD)-rich varieties that would not otherwise exist due to CBD’s low presence in traditional sativa dominant genetics.

Additionally, modern advances in biotechnology allow breeders the opportunity cultivate brand-new strands by manipulating the DNA structure within individual plants using techniques such as tissue culture cloning or gene editing via CRISPR/Cas9 technology.. Through these methods scientists can isolate certain gene sequences responsible for desired traits then implant them into other plant cells creating a strain that might not occur naturally in nature but nonetheless still carries some beneficial attributes sought after by customers around the world.

In conclusion , there exist many ways for new forms of Cannabis Strains to enter into existence each offering its own set advantages drawbacks depending on what goals theyโ€™re trying accomplish whether itโ€™s increased yields different flavors improved medical efficacy etc understanding how these processes work makes it easier consumers find best option possible fit their needs when shopping product marketplace.