How long do cannabis seeds last?

Cannabis seeds are an essential part of the cannabis cultivation process. But, like any other perishable item, they have a shelf life and need to be stored properly in order to remain viable. Knowing how long your cannabis seeds will last can help you make sure that you always have a steady supply when itโ€™s time to plant. In this blog post, we will explore exactly how long do cannabis seeds last and what steps should be taken in order to prolong their freshness.

The lifespan of a cannabis seed depends on its age as well as the storage conditions under which it was kept. Generally speaking, high-quality freshly harvested marijuana seed can last for 2 – 3 years if stored correctly at room temperature between 15ยฐC (59ยฐF) and 20ยฐC (68ยฐF). Additionally, storing them away from direct light is important because exposure could cause them to germinate prematurely or even become useless altogether due to photo-oxidation reactions taking place inside the seed shell leading it towards destruction.

It is also possible for some higher quality strains or genetics with longer lifespans can survive up 5 years or more so long as they remain untouched by sunlight and moisture during all times of storage with temperatures not exceeding 25 degrees Celsius (77 F). Furthermore, vacuum sealing these packages along with desiccant silica gel bags will ensure maximum longevity and effectiveness by keeping oxygen out while retaining desired humidity levels within sealed containers over extended periods of time (>50%RH).

When storing marijuana seeds for future use however there are certain things that one must take into consideration such as avoiding extremes in both heat & cold; humidity levels around 50%; darkness; airtight containers; using desiccants etcโ€ฆin order keep your valuable cache in top condition allowing prolonged viability without losing any vital nutrients necessary for successful germination later down the line!

For those looking extend greater lengths beyond four years then freezing might just be an option worth considering albeit being a bit extreme but nonetheless effective way preserving batch after batch year round so long as temperatures stay below 0degrees Celsius (-20 F) effectively turning time back on aging effects! Needless too say anything above 0 degress celsius may damage delicate structures within cells causing irreparable harm resulting premature death!

In summary, how long do cannabis seeds last? Well that depends largely on how old they are when purchased – older batches tend to expire quicker than newer ones โ€“ but generally speaking high-quality freshly harvested marijuana seed can last anywhere from two up five years depending on storage conditions provided no excessive heat/cold along with dark/moisture free environments given during all phases being maintained consistently throughout duration course!