How to Control the Smell of Your Cannabis Plants?

How to Control the Smell of Your Cannabis Plants?

When you first start growing cannabis, everything seems to be fine as far as any distinctive smells are concerned. In fact, it’s not until the buds start to appear, those pesky terpenes appear. The terpenes are starting to emerge, which is what that give the cannabis characteristic odor, as soon as the the terpenes potential problems emerge, and as soon as those sticky trichromes start to appear your problems just multiplied by a factor of 100 because the trichromes are full of terpenes.

How do you eliminate the smell of cannabis?

This becomes especially important if the the law is a little sketchy around growing cannabis where you live. One of the biggest problems is that
cannabis plants require excellent ventilation for healthy growth. Poor ventilation leads to mold and diseases, two things that you definitely
undesirable to your plants or soil.

First, contain the smell as much as possible as much as possible, such as in the grow tent so that any circulating air has to pass through the ventilation hole before it enters the ambient air and not escape through cracks and openings. For this case, you want to install a charcoal filter that will trap terpins. The same applies if you are using exhaust ventilation.

Alternatively, you can use diffusers cleaners gel units and odor neutralizers. However, air purifiers are not as effective as activated charcoal filters. So it is better to use them as a safety net as opposed to the primary odor reduction product.

Neutralizers do just that, but achieve results because of their own odor. Consequently, you don’t want them in the in the room where you are growing the plants, otherwise they can absorb the neutralizing smell they can only be used outside of a tent.

For example the last option might be to grow companion plants. Although cannabis plants have never ever needed companion plants. Companion plants include chamomile, lavender and basil, which have their own characteristic odors that can mask the the smell of cannabis. Of course, you can always
hand out garment bags to all your neighbors. But we’re sure you’ve noticed the obvious disadvantage of this. You won’t have anything to hang your laundry on a rope.

Let us know how you deal with the smell in the in the comments section below.