How to Hide the Fact That You’re High – Tips and Tricks for Staying Low Key

How to Hide the Fact That You’re High – Tips and Tricks for Staying Low Key

Smoking marijuana becomes more socially acceptable when being caught getting high a serious problem can become less of a problem. But that doesn’t mean you’ll never find yourself in that predicament, so as the the motto of the stoned Boy Scouts is, “Be get ready if your parents have the fortunate ability to drop in on you unannounced and they disapprove of drugs, whatever class they belong to.

Then do you want your house to smell like a cafรฉ in Amsterdam. Consider smoking your weed next to a fully open window, though perhaps not if
you live next door to a police station when there’s a knock on the door. Before you answer it, turn on the shower or bathtub, and then invite guests to come in. But explain that you were just about to take a take a bath or shower because you stink after a long day at work, if you know that they
don’t approve of marijuana use. Use this escape route and first drink a pint of water, as Hydration will help reduce symptoms. Wash your head thoroughly and wash off the the pesky terpenes that have a habit of stick to your skin and hair.

Don’t overdo it with cologne or deodorant, as they can easily give themselves away, but don’t forget to brush your teeth, scrape your tongue, rinse your mouth, and rinse your mouth with a strong mouthwash. Chewing gum doesn’t hurt, either.

And, for heaven’s sake, don’t wear your dope-smelling clothes back on, shove them in the garbage can to avoid the smell cannabis. Don’t forget your bloodshot eyes either. There are some great eye drops that will get you through it in a minute or two. And the last job is to drink another pint of water, taking care of the physical side of things. There’s something else that might give away that you’ve been smoking cannabis and are high.

You and your behavior that a knock on the door can instantly change the way you feel from deeply relaxed to completely paranoid. Stop for a moment and take a breath. Just be yourself and don’t think about your behavior, but beware of the obvious gifts. Try to focus on what your guest is saying
And don’t let your thoughts wander.

Stoned people have a habit of letting their thoughts wander to the the nearest available rabbit hole. Don’t get into deep philosophical debates, because when we’re high, we tend to think we know the answer to everything and everything, when in fact we just sound stupid to those who aren’t high.

If you have an appetite don’t disappear into the kitchen and don’t come back with two three-tiered sandwiches, instead go and fill a couple of bowls of chips and peanuts. And then offer them to your guests and for heaven’s sake, don’t open your mouth and eat all the peanuts in one fell swoop like a crazy pelican.

Last but not least, depending on what what you just drank, try not to fall asleep in front of your guests. Not only will it give the game away, but it’s also pretty damn rude. Obviously, this is just a short list of our suggestions.