Medical Marijuana Expansion Moves Ahead in Georgia House

By Kristina Torres

House Bill 65 in Georgia will double the number of illnesses treatable by low-THC cannabis oil available in Georgia. This looks promising as the movement continues to cover new ground.

A broad expansion to Georgia’s medical marijuana law passed a key House panel Monday, moving a step...Read More »

Support for Medical Marijuana is Growing in Texas


After years of harsh marijuana laws, 83% of Texans now support some form of legal marijuana, a new poll shows. Marijuana in Texas, especially for medicinal use, may be beneficial to many patients in the state.

Anthony Abba looks like almost any other 9 year-old-boy, bouncing on...Read More »

Peru’s Government Proposes to Legalize Medicinal Cannabis

By International Drug Policy Consortium

Peru’s government says it will present to the opposition-dominated legislature a plan to legalize the medical use of marijuana “for the treatment of serious and terminal illnesses.”

President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski’s administration said Wednesday the plan was developed after police raided a house in a Lima neighborhood where a group...Read More »

Florida Officials Clash With Voters Over Medical Cannabis Rules

By The Associated Press

Florida state officials have suggested restrictions on the types of patients that can qualify for medical marijuana as well as where they can obtain it. Their suggestions have been met with opposition across the state, with residents demanding less restricted access to medical cannabis.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla....Read More »

Israeli Ministers Endorse Bill to Export Medical Cannabis

By Yahoo

A draft bill that will legalize the export of medical marijuana has been endorsed by Israeli ministers. The draft will now move forward as a government bill.

Israeli ministers on Sunday endorsed a draft bill to legalise export of cannabis for approved medical use, Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked’s...Read More »

Milestone Time: Puerto Rico medical marijuana dispensaries officially open

By The Associated Press

The plant can be used in various forms such as pills, creams, patches, and oral drops. However, smoking marijuana remains illegal.

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — Puerto Rico medical marijuana dispensaries have begun operating for the first time in the U.S. territory.

Gov. Alejandro...Read More »

Germany becomes the latest country to OK medical marijuana legalization

German parliamentarians passed the “cannabis as medicine law”, which will come into effect March 2017.

(CNN)An act to legalize the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes was passed by German parliamentarians. They voted unanimously in favor of the new bill, first approved...Read More »

Cannabis Case Summary: New Jersey Judge Orders Coverage for Medical Marijuana

By Jeff Bess

Abstract: An administrative law judge in New Jersey ordered an employer to reimburse an employee injured on the job for his purchase of medical marijuana.

Employment law is often unforgiving of medical marijuana patients. Workers are in many instances subject to the same consequences of using marijuana in cannabis-legal...Read More »

Marijuana on the Ballot Nov. 8th: The Results

Marijuana on the Ballot:

Arkansas – Passed

Medical marijuana slightly passed in Arkansas, which was met by an aggressive opposition campaign.


Florida – Passed

The state Department of Health will register and regulate dispensaries as well as issue ID cards to patients and caregivers. Individuals with medical conditions such as HIV/AIDS, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis,...Read More »

Legal Pitfalls of Physicians ‘Recommending’ Medical Cannabis

By Gregory L Smith, MD., MPH.

What is the federal and state position as it pertains to medical cannabis, and how do present conflicts within the legal arena potentially impact physicians? Being aware of the protections that the law has provided within this realm is crucial to maintaining safe practices.

Adding...Read More »