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We at Cannabis MD are dedicated to helping doctors, nurses, medical professionals, and caregivers stay up-to-date with cannabis medical properties. We offer an integrated suite of educational products and services unparalleled in quality and research.

Editor in Chief: Dr. Gregory Smith, MD, MPH earned his medical degree from Rush Medical School, and a Masters of Public Health from Harvard University. He completed residency training in Preventive Medicine at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Since getting out of the US Army as a Major, he has been in primary care for 30 years. He first trained on use of medical cannabis in California in 2000.

Dr. Smith is an avid writer, having published over a dozen peer reviewed articles and books. His most recent textbook is entitled Medical Cannabis: Basic Science and Clinical Applications (Aylesbury Press, 2016).  It is a scientifically-based textbook directed at educating medical students and medical professionals on the science and applications of cannabinoid medications. He also just recently published a book specifically for patients and caregivers entitled CBD: What You Need to Know


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Dr. Gregory Smith delivers what hasn't been available in other books by providing the education and information needed to be able to select a high quality CBD medication from the sea of poor quality products currently available. In this interactive book about CBD and its effects, Dr. Smith provides many links to resources and articles to learn more. Dr. Smith’s "CBD: What You Need to Know" is a complete overview of CBD and how to use it, making CBD an available treatment option for you and your loved ones today.

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Up to now there has been no serious textbook for training clinicians and medical students about the use, efficacy, and monitoring of medical cannabis. Medical Cannabis is the first, single source for concise, up-to-date information about which conditions respond to cannabis, dosing guidance, and the safe use of cannabis by your patients.