Gorilla Glue Strain

gorilla glue strain

Gorilla glue strain is a cross between kym sister, chocolate diesel and sour dub delivering a sharp skunky smell coupled with a deep sour dankness.

Cannabis connoisseur is selectively bred pump out the highest THC percentages with the strain ranging anywhere from 25 to 30 percent THC with little-to-no CBD.

Gorilla Glue

Taste: Pine, Lemon, Peppery

THC: Up to 24%

CBD: < 1%

Height: 60 – 130 cm

Flowering: 9 – 10 weeks

Growing: Indoor/Outdoor

Gender: Feminized

Genes: Sativa 65%/Indica 35%

Gorilla Glue weed

When you first take a hit of the strain you will find yourself instantly high due to the immense post gorilla glue strain being a sativa dominant hybrid will give you a strong head buzz that will allow you to be well focused and highly productive hroughout the day.

Or smoke this at night if you want to face an existential crisis and question your place in the universe. Gorilla glue strain terpene profile delivers extraordinary amounts of data carry a file which is then supported by human.

Gorilla glue weed is fantastic for anyone suffering from pain or need of an anti-inflammatory. So, if you’re looking to smoke cannabis strain that will go down in history as one of the most well known strains of cannabis culture find yourself some Gorilla Glue weed and taste the end of prohibition.

gorilla glue weed

Gorilla Glue auto

Gorilla Glue auto usually provides a strong cerebral effect when ingested, leaving you happy and struggling to focus. The body is filled with a deep high, and the effects usually last for hours on end.

The gorilla glue’s auto penetrate structure consists of beta-caryophyllene, which gives a peppery aroma and helps relieve inflammation and pain. Beta-micerine gives a spicy aroma to the balm and can help soothe pain and inflammation. Limonene, which gives a citrus aroma and helps with mood elevation, stress relief and gastric reflex.

gorilla glue auto

Gorilla Glue autoflower

The smell of this herb like the main couple of notes it’s very sour and also very piney. It’s like a tower fuel II almost like gassy just like piney musk. Gorilla glue smell like that subtle lemon pine. Saul on top of like an overwhelming gassy fuel and like subtle sourness.

The taste gorilla glue a little bit different than the smell. It’s more of like a sour hashey or maybe like a sour spicy taste. Like this the sour feeling is still definitely does come through in the flavor but there’s also like a subtle hashey or like a subtle spicy taste.

Chocolate diesel actually in the genetics. That’s actually a chocolate tie crossed with a Sour Diesel. There is actually tied genetics which means that’s would at least be some kind of hashing as some kind of spiciness or some kind of like chocolaty smoke.

gorilla glue autoflower

Gorilla Glue seeds

Someone named Josey Whales was growing the kym sister crossed with the chocolate diesel. That alone was going to be his cross. What happened with that plant? Is it accidentally her Mead and ended up pollinating his sour dub.

Technically it was pretty much just an accidental pollination. He didn’t like this cross or hatever the plant that did actually. So he was just gonna like throw it out, but his his friend Marv Dogg actually took some of the gorilla glue seeds from that plants and apparently grew those seeds out to full potential. Glue name itself is not because it gives you like a very heavy couch lock. That’s what the Gorilla Glue strain.

gorilla glue seeds


What does gorilla glue strain smell like?
Gorilla Glue have strong skunky smells with earthy tones.

Is gorilla glue a hybrid strain?
Yes, Gorilla Glue is hybrid strain made by crossing an indica-dominant parent with a sativa-dominant parent strain.

Who created gorilla glue strain?
Joesy Whales co-creator of cannabis strain Gorilla Glue.

How strong is gorilla glue weed?
Gorilla Glue strain THC: Up to 24%

Is gorilla glue weed sativa or indica?
Gorilla Glue is an indica-dominant strain: sativa 65% and indica 35%.

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