Girl Scout Cookies Strain

girl scout cookies strain

We’re going to be going over the review of the very popular Girl Scout cookies strain.
Girl Scout cookies strain is arguably one of the most popular strains. They’re dense little purple nuggets the flavor is incredibly unique it’s really buttery and smooth and but also sweet. The effects are really nice too.

Girl scout cookies strain it is a cross of OG Kush and urban poison and this is the original phenotype.It is an indica dominant hybrid with a strong sativa part. This is like 40% sativa strains and 60% indica strains and get this it has 20% thc.

Girl Scout Cookies

Taste: Cookie, Earthy, Sweet, Pine

THC: Up to 20%

CBD: < 1%

Height: 60 – 100 cm

Flowering: 9 – 10 weeks

Growing: Indoor/Outdoor

Gender: Feminized

Genes: Sativa 40%/Indica 60%

Girl scout cookies weed

Girl Scout cookies cannabis seeds was bred in the US and has made its way worldwide.
Now with quite a lot of fame but like this is probably one of the more famous cannabis strains.

Girl Scout cookies weed is a hybrid cross. Note is frosty as fudge super frosty nug. This is dripping quite a lot lighter in coloration than what you are used to seeing with the cannabis samples.

Girl Scout cookies weed smell this sweet pungency it’s a little bit earthy. You get that relaxation but it’s not gonna just knock you completely out you can stay awake to enjoy the experience.

girl scout cookies weed

Girl scout cookies uk

Girl Scout cookies uk was named after its sweet and earthy flavor and aroma. Girl Scout cookies strains launches waves of full body relaxation followed by euphoria and a time dilation effect making the relaxing experience seem even longer.

Girl Scout cookies strain uk can have a very high THC count so keep in mind that a little goes a long way. Girl Scout cookies have won several cannabis cup awards.

Girl Scout cookies strain is a great strain to make a relaxing day off seemed like a relaxing week off the effects of Girl Scout cookies weed are happy relaxed euphoric uplifted and creative.

girl scout cookies uk

Girl scout cookies auto

Most people report the relief of stress pain depression lack of appetite and even insomnia. The negative effects can be dry mouth dry eyes paranoid dizzy and anxiety note.

Flavors you can expect from Girl Scout cookies auto are sweet, earthy and pungent. This is really a good tasting and smelling flower.

The Girl Scout cookies auto has got really dark purple leaves that light over the buds. You can see hints at that darkness over the light buds. You can also see those neon orange pistols popping out which is also characteristic of the Girl Scout cookies auto nice bright orange. Trichome coverage looking nice but not as white or dusted or apparent.

girl scout cookies auto


Who made girl scout cookies strain?
Berner, of San Francisco, says this variety came about as part of a growing collective called Cookie Fam.

How to grow girl scout cookies autoflower?
Use an 18-6 light cycle (18 hours light and 6 hours dark) until GSC plants are at least 6 inches tall. Spacing between plants can vary, but try to place two plants per square metre. Use a 12-12 light cycle.

What is girl scout cookies strain?
Girl Scout Cookies weed is a strong cannabis hybrid strain. It has several phenotypes, but the most common has dark purple leaves with light green buds and orange hairs. It comes from a hybrid of the most famous weed species and is therefore a special rarity.

What are the different types of girl scout cookies 2022?
For more flavour, you can choose from the 11 available Girl Scout Cookie varieties.

Where to order girl scout cookies seeds online?
Girl Scout Cookies cannabis seeds are a good choice for both new and experienced growers – this strain is easy to grow and produces an average yield. Order Girl Scout Cookies seeds from our seed bank.

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