Blueberry Cheese Strain

Blueberry Cheese Strain

If youโ€™re a cannabis enthusiast who loves the taste, aroma, and effects of a delicious strain then it doesn’t get much better than Blueberry Cheese. This rare breed is an indica-dominant hybrid bred by breeding UK Cheese with an unknown Blueberry phenotype โ€“ resulting in an incredibly tasty flower that packs quite the punch. Let’s dig further into this unique bud to see if it hits all the right notes.

The Blueberry Cheese strain is a hybrid cannabis strain that has become popular for its unique flavor and aroma. This strain has been around since the late 1990s and has been gaining in popularity ever since. If you’re looking for a strain with a sweet and savory taste, the Blueberry Cheese strain may be just what you’re looking for.

Blueberry Cheese Seeds

Blueberry Cheese

Taste: Sour, Earthy, Fruits

THC: Up to 18%

CBD: < 1%

Height: 90 – 120 cm

Flowering: 8 - 9 weeks

Growing: Indoor/Outdoor

Gender: Feminized

Genes: Sativa 25%/Indica 75%

The Blueberry Cheese strain is a cross between two popular strains: Blueberry and UK Cheese. The strain was first developed in the late 1990s by breeder DJ Short. He was known for creating some of the most flavorful and aromatic strains on the market, and the Blueberry Cheese strain is no exception.

Aroma and Taste of the Blueberry Cheese Strain

The Blueberry Cheese strain is known for its sweet and savory aroma. The buds have a strong blueberry scent, with a hint of cheese. The flavor is also sweet and savory, with a mix of blueberry and cheese. This strain is sure to please your taste buds and delight your nostrils.

When opening up your stash jar of blue cheese, be prepared for a fragrant overload! The sweet berry aromas are strong on first impression but these quickly give way to potent gassy undertones which blend nicely together creating one harmonious scent profile. On closer inspection you’ll also pick out faint hints of cheese curd which adds another layer depth while cherry top notes complete what can only be described as truly intoxicating bouquet from this beauty!

Appearance Blueberry Cheese Weed

From its name alone you’d expect something special when it comes to appearance and thankfully that expectation isn’t let down here at all – each nugget has been blessed with vibrant purple hues intertwined within glowing orange hairs running throughout the surface area adding visual flair every step along side her trichomes (the sticky part).

Aside from aesthetics there’s magic happening inside too; each dense flowers full bodied structure houses large amounts concentrated THC making them ideal for users looking for more intense sessions without sacrificing quality or flavor profiles either!

Effects of the Blueberry Cheese Strain

Blueberry Cheese Weed

The Blueberry Cheese strain is a hybrid, so it provides a balanced blend of both Sativa and Indica effects. It has a strong body buzz that will relax your muscles and ease your stress. At the same time, it provides an uplifting and cerebral effect that will make you feel energized and creative. This strain is perfect for those looking for a balanced and enjoyable high.

As indicated above blue cheese is mostly indica dominant so don’t expect any soaring cerebral heights like other sativa strains provide; instead users will experience powerful body sensations thanks primarily due their balanced CBD content allowing those looking combat pain or anxiety find relief soon after ingestion whilst still getting mental clarity despite not being overly stimulated because they’re stuck couch locked mode completely unable function. Which could happen if taken excessively/carelessly over time anyway but we digress back onto topic again now shall we?

After initial hit fades away pleasantly smoothness takes hold courtesy cannabinoid profile lending itself perfectly both recreational medicinal uses however caution should always exercised regardless whether someone newbie trying weed themselves out veteran smoker alike since potency levels remain consistently high across board no matter how small amount consumed at once!

Cures & Benefits

With such potent mix terpenes present alongside cannabinoids blue cheese offers wide range therapeutic applications aside from just relaxation anti anxiety benefits mentioned earlier.

Insomnia sufferers able reap rewards sleeping patterns improve significantly through use while appetite stimulation may make life easier those struggling gain maintain weight medically related dietary issues.

Recent studies have even suggested cancer patients benefit greatlyfrom ingesting certain marijuana varieties assisting fight against symptoms caused chemotherapy treatments thus reducing potential need rely solely prescription medication manage said condition.

Growing the Blueberry Cheese Strain

Growing the Blueberry Cheese Strain

The Blueberry Cheese strain is a relatively easy strain to grow. It is a resilient strain that can be grown indoors or outdoors. It has a short flowering time of about 8-9 weeks and produces a decent yield. This strain is also resistant to mold and pests, making it a great option for beginner growers.

Pros and Cons of growing Blueberry Cheese Seeds

Blueberry Cheese Seeds are an attractive option for those looking to grow their own fruit. There are some pros and cons to consider when growing these seeds that should be taken into account before committing to growing them.

The biggest pro is the fact that Blueberry Cheese Seeds generally require a minimal amount of effort for cultivation compared to other fruits or vegetables.

They can easily be grown from seedlings indoors with limited space and resources needed.

Additionally, they are resilient plants – surviving in temperatures as low as -20 degrees Celsius!

On the downside though, these plants donโ€™t produce large yields. So if youโ€™re hoping for lots of blueberries each season then this may not be your best choice due to its small yield size.

Furthermore, since it’s still relatively new on the market, Blueberry Cheese Seed prices tend to fluctuate unpredictably meaning it could cost more than expected at times so careful budgeting is key when deciding whether or not this plant is right for you!


The Blueberry Cheese strain is a great option for those who are looking for a sweet and savory strain with a balanced high. This strain has a pleasant aroma and flavor, and provides a balanced blend of Sativa and Indica effects. The Blueberry Cheese strain is also easy to grow, making it a great choice for beginner growers. If you’re looking for a unique and flavorful strain, the Blueberry Cheese strain may be just what you’re looking for.

Looking summarise entire review concisely put simply. If ever want try classic strain look feel amazing whole process sure check out some Blueberry Cheese today won regret decision made easily become personal favourite given distinctive flavour combination coupled excellent medical value.


Is Blueberry Cheese indica or sativa?
Blueberry Cheese is an indica-dominant hybrid strain.

Is Blueberry Cheese strain good for sleep?
It can be helpful for sleep, as it has sedative effects that help relax the body and mind.

What the Blueberry Cheese strain flowering time?
The flowering time of Blueberry Cheese is 8 to 9 weeks.

How much does Blueberry Cheese strain yield?
It typically yields between 400 and 500 grams per square meter indoors.

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Blueberry Cheese Strain ๐Ÿ‡๐Ÿง€ - Review & Information - Cannabis seeds 2023

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