Pineapple Express Strain

pineapple express strain

Pineapple express strain is the quintessential daytime hybrid that is perfect for someone looking for a day time stress relief with the long lasting energetic.

Pineapple Express strain this is basically some of the best cannabis strain you could ever hope to get your hands on. A couple years ago they call it was quite a hit. Super cool strain one that was named after the movie.

We will help you navigate your way through the ever-increasing world of cannabis strains. We’re going to be going over the benefits of the flavorful and very famous hybrid today pineapple express strain.

Pineapple Express

Taste: Tropical, Sweet, Fruits, Sour pineapp

THC: Up to 20%

CBD: < 1%

Height: 60 – 110 cm

Flowering: 10 weeks

Growing: Indoor/Outdoor

Gender: Feminized

Genes: Sativa 40%/Indica 60%

Pineapple express weed

Pineapple express weed has a unique combination of fruit smells and flavors often reminiscent of a mango mixed with pineapple pine and cedar.

Flavor is a very citrusy almost pineapple. Aftertaste smoke is very smooth. You feel it right away first like ten seconds after you rip it. You feel that back at the head kind of relaxation bidding you.

The flavors you can expect from pineapple express strain are pineapple of course tropical and sweet. Pineapple express weed not bad at all it’s mostly a medium green color although you can see a few darker outer leaves. The parents of pineapple express strain are the hybrid train wreck and hawaiian at a ratio of 60% indica and a 40% sativa THC content ranges from 18 to 22 percent.

pineapple express weed

Pineapple express strain effects

Besides the great flavor this bud produces really gets the creative juices flowing the effects. Pineapple express strain are happy uplifted, euphoric, relaxed and energetic. Most people report the relief of depression, stress, pain, lack of appetite and fatigue.

Pineapple Express strain is extremely good at treating depression, anxiety, mood,disorders. It’s very nice hybrid strain and very nice for summertime smoke.

pineapple express plant

Pineapple express auto

Pineapple express auto will thrive on a warm maritime climate and it’s got a high resistance to diseases. It’s indoor yield can be up to 18 ounces per square meter with an average flowering time of eight to ten weeks.

Pineapple express auto outdoor yield can be up to 19 ounces per plant and it’s available for harvest in mid-october. This is a moderately difficult strain to grow.

Tastes really good. If you’ve ever tasted lemon cake that’s exactly how it. You don’t get that piney taste not at all when you exhale. You get a really piney taste when you like actually sit there and you taste it. Pineapple express autoflower tastes like lemon cake.

This is some really fire – weed. I definitely recommend getting some pineapple express cannabis seeds.

pineapple express auto


What is pineapple express strain?
Pineapple express plant is a cannabis hybrid with a fresh apple and mango scent and flavours of pineapple, pineapple and cedar wood. It can produce long-lasting effects that can provide energetic excitement and trigger productive creativity.

How good is pineapple express strain?
Pineapple express weed strain is also a very potent strain with a relatively high THC content. In addition to its high THC content, it also has a significant CBD content of around 1%.

How much thc is in pineapple express strain?
Pineapple express thc is no joke, as it contains around 25%.

Does pineapple express taste like pineapple?
It mixes a strong citrus scent with slightly stronger pine notes. Earthiness and sweetness complete the flavour profile of this variety.

What does pineapple express taste like?
Not surprisingly, this Hawaiian variety is appreciated for its delicious pineapple flavour. It also has hints of apple and mandarin, making it a very fruity and juicy variety.

What is pineapple express weed?
Pineapple express weed, a cross between the famous Trainwreck strain and a Hawaiian variety, is true to the island’s atmosphere. This is how this strain gets its genetics and mild hybrid effects.

Is pineapple express weed good?
Pineapple express strain uk is a very good strain.

How to grow pineapple express autoflower?
If you grow Pineapple express seeds, you can expect it to flower in about eight weeks. It has a warm maritime climate.

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