Northern Lights Strain

Northern lights strain

Northern Lights strain is a 70 percent indica and 30 percent sativa. Hybrid it offers the best of both worlds in. That it is one of the highest yielding strains not only for indoor but also for outdoor growers.

The high from this plant offers both physical and mental relaxation as the strain has 20 percent THC. The flowering time of Northern Lights strain is just seven to nine weeks and can be ready for harvest as soon as mid-october in many outdoor.

Northern Lights

Taste: Peppery, Spicy, Fruits

THC: Up to 20%

CBD: < 1%

Height: 90 – 120 cm

Flowering: 9 weeks

Growing: Indoor/Outdoor

Gender: Feminized

Genes: Sativa 30%/Indica 70%

Northern Lights strain THC

Northern Lights Strain Cannabinoids THC

Northern Lights weed

Not everyone is lucky enough to experience the actual Northern Lights weed, but if you’re looking for a transcendent experience without having to travel to the Arctic, Northern Lights may get you where you’re going. According to cannabis seeds legend it was first grown in the 70s by a mysterious man known simply as the Indian.

Northern Lights strain the strain is primarily an Afghan indica which was hybridized along the lines with a Thai sativa, giving it a fruity flavour and giving you an intense cerebral high and feeling of euphoria.

It’s highly resinous, has a piney smell and like its meteorological namesake in very rare cases some people even claim to see lights changing when they smoke it.

Renowned cannabis breeder and founder of the world’s first cannabis seed bank in the Netherlands came across the strain while on a trip to the US he apparently brought Northern Lights seeds feminized uk clones of the strain. Back to Holland further crossed them with an unlabeled male strain presumably with Afghan origins and introduced them to the larger market by the mid 90s.

At least 70 varieties of cannabis were hybridized with best Northern Lights seeds and it’s soon dominated at the High Times Cannabis Cup festival.

So, if you ever happened to find yourself way up north with a cascade of colors dancing in the night sky above you sparking up some Northern Lights plant might just bring your experience to the next level.

Northern Lights Seeds

Northern Lights genetics

Northern Lights Genetics

Northern Lights seeds

About the Northern Lights weed strain. It’s pure indica effect, so it’s pure body high. It is one of the most famous cannabis strains of all time. It has given rise to hyper it’s like Sour Diesel and super Silver Haze which as you know is one of best.

Best Northern Lights seeds auto is a very original kind of astraying with great heritage. We know the genetics and this straight the first thing to notice. As you take a close look at the Northern Lights buds is very packed and closely formed together, no leaves that are protruding and there are some this will fold. All bud is or one bud and it is a fantastic but so medical grade in terms of the look in terms of the smell right a little bit open.

You get really lovely earthy Northern Lights strain smell it’s not sickly like a haze and it’s not sort of dankey like a skunk or OG strain it’s guys own sort of an earthen lovely smell that just built in nostrils. It’s not overpowering either it’s not one of those strains where you sort of smell it from a mile away.

It just doesn’t smack you in the nostrils like some of the other cannabis strains up in smelling and ampling. It’s worth noting that there are several phenotypes of this on the market like any cannabis strain there’s going to be different varieties and they’re going to be slightly different from each other.

Northern Lights strain is growing sometimes you can see purple hues on the buds and this is not parent in this phenotype whatsoever which isn’t a bad. Thing it just means it is a different phenotype to some of the others that potentially are out there.

northern lights weed

Northern Lights effects

Northern Lights Effects


Who has the best Northern Lights seeds?
Northern Lights strain is a variety that has been winning cannabis competitions since the 1990s. The best Northern Lights seeds you can find on this review.

What is Northern Lights good for?
Northern Lights strain is definitely a nocturnal variant and has several potential benefits for users requiring medical intervention. It is often used for chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, anorexia, stress, depression and chronic headaches.

What the Northern Lights yield indoor?
It’s yield indoor is 500 – 600 gr/m2.

What the plant height?
Northern Lights plant height is between 90 cm and 120 cm.

What the Northern Lights flowering time?
It’s flowering time is 9 weeks.

How to germinate Northern Lights seeds?
The first step in germinating Northern Lights seeds is to put the seeds in a cup of hot water.

Is Northern Lights easy to grow?
This is actually very easy to do. The average flowering Northern Lights time is about eight weeks, but hydroponics can be used to reduce this time to six weeks. Northern Lights strain yield has compact, dense buds and is relatively easy to prune.

What does Northern Lights smell like?
The smell of Northern Lights weed like: peppery, spicy and fruits.

What are the effects of Northern Lights?
The effects of Northern Lights haze is – relaxed, hungry, happy, sleepy, uplifted.

What the Northern Lights yield outdoor?
Northern Lights yield outdoor is 60 – 160 gr/plant.

Is Northern Lights a strong strain?
The strong of Northern Lights is – THC: Up to 20%

Is Northern Lights a sativa?
No, it’s mostly indica: sativa 30%, indica 70%.

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