Jack Herer Strain

jack herer strain

Jack Herer strain is a cross of some classics strain Northern Lights and Shiva Skunk and this strain was developed by Scentsy seeds in Amsterdam in Holland. Jack Herer is a sativa dominant with 65 sativa and 35 indica. It’s named in honor of a man named Jack Herer who was an American cannabis activist and author.

21.98 percent THC is very standard for a Jack Herer plant. This strain usually come in with very high THC. Jack Herer flowering time is between eight and nine weeks. The structure of it is quite amazing very branches structure from the plant and also very round. This is good for anxiety depression fatigue headaches migraine stress.

Jack Herer

Taste: Sweet, Earthy, Spicy, Lemon

THC: Up to 21%

CBD: < 1%

Height: 70 – 110 cm

Flowering: 9 weeks

Growing: Indoor/Outdoor

Gender: Feminized

Genes: Sativa 65%/Indica 35%

Jack Herer weed

Let’s start with the smell. Jack Herer weed smells citrus you can smell the terseness. It’s like somebody spray some lemon in this and then on top of that it spread a little bit of mango on it.

Because he has this real strong scent of lemon it reminds me of this strain that i used to grow called Super lemon haze. Jack Herer smells like it and it has that undertone of mango i really like that. Those terseness are insane it smells amazing. Jack Herer weed strain have trichomes anywhere. I really like the smell of it. It has some nice hues.

I was saying that it’s a sativa. First appearance these buds just really are eye-catching. Because they are just so frosty. It tastes like it smell. It is great. When you first hit it, it has this real citrusy lemony. They has it does have that undertone aftertaste of mango.

jack herer weed

Jack Herer strain THC

Jack Herer strain THC

Jack Herer auto

By the way I grew this strain that’s yeah. Jack Herer seeds is one of the cannabis seeds i love growing.

There’s one thing I’ve learned about cannabis cultivation. It’s that each grow can come with its own set of challenges. No matter how prepared you are. Jack Herer plants were no exception. They had an incredibly strong start and veg.

In my mind they were picture perfect and some of the healthiest looking plants that I’ve grown yet.

The obstacle with this grow didn’t start with a deficiency or even a problem directly related to them. But it started when I found out that my cannabis plants that I had growing turned out to be Jack Herer Auto flowers instead of photos.

This pitted me to make a tough decision. Either keep the Jack Herer veg giving the cheese the optimal environment to flower under 24 hours of light or flip the Jack Herer auto early and finish them all around the same time.

I ended up keeping the Jack Herer veg while the cheese finished and in return I was left with some pretty large plants after I finally flipped them into flower.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but the Jack Herer plants had stretched up so tall that they started to reach too close to my light. I couldn’t raise it up any farther. Thanks to the implication of a trellis net I was able to train the canopy just low. Enough to where light bleaching was no longer a factor. However because the plants grew so large and were so dense light penetration was greatly hindered.

But in my opinion I should have removed even more growth before flowering. Because of this I found the Jack Herer plants continually put its energy into buds. That ended up just being small and underdeveloped due to not having the perlite reached them. But with all this being said I was still blown away with the results and this turned out to be one of my highest yielding grows.

jack herer auto

Jack Herer grow tips

Jack Herer seeds

Using a jeweler’s lope I checked the trichomes to ensure the plants were fully ripe from top to bottom.Jack Herer strain is a sativa dominant strain so I opted to let the trichomes ripen until 70 percent were cloudy with 30 percent being amber.

Then used a pruner to cut the plants as a whole and move them into my newly built tent that was specifically made to provide the optimal environment to dry cannabis.

After sitting in the tent for some time I checked that they were ready. Bending the stem seeing that they made a cracking sound without breaking. The entire dry process took 8 days from start to finish.

I took a pair of trimmers and started removing the branches. Placing the buds in a large container where they would sit until I was ready to begin trimming. To begin the trimming process I removed each bud from the larger stems. Once all the buds were removed I grabbed a pair of clippers and proceeded to give these buds a much-needed haircut.





Mostly Sativa


Harvest Indoor

Harvest Outdoor


400 – 500 gr/m2

60 – 150 gr/plant


Jack Herer is a medium to very light species. When choosing to grow Jack Herer seeds indoors, pay attention to their size and nutritional requirements. If you grow Jack Herer seeds outdoors, you are at the mercy of Mother Nature.

Flowering time

Jack Herer blooms for 9 weeks, but the seed packet may contain a phenotype that blooms for 9-10 weeks.

If you choose to grow Jack Herer indoors, you can shorten the flowering time by one week. If you grow Jack Herer seeds outdoors, you can harvest many trichome-soaked flowers in late September or early October.

Jack Herer genetics

The legendary Jack Herer is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that was created in the Netherlands in the mid-1990s. A three-way cross between Haze, Northern Lights #5, and a Thai landrace, Jack Herer inherits genetics from some of the most celebrated cannabis strains in history.

Jack Herer genetics

Jack Herer yield

Now that all the buds are trimmed up it’s finally time to weigh up the buds. To see what this grow yielded after four long months of hard work. My scale has a 600 gram limit. So I had to weigh up this grow in separate portions. If I keep turning out numbers like this it would probably be. In my best interest to invest in a higher capacity scale.

After it was all weighed up the final weight came out to a whopping 837 grams just under two pounds of weed even after removing and discarding all of the underdeveloped buds.

I was blown away with the results not only where the Jack Herer yields great but the buds themselves came out pretty dank. Each bud is evenly coated with a beautiful layer of trichomes that make these buds very sticky to the touch.

But I would have to say the best part about this grow has to be the smell of the finished product. It’s completely mesmerizing. They have a deep lemon pine smell with a complex layer of fruity aromas. I think with the extra work put into drying these plants properly will ensure that after good cure. This will probably be some of the best smelling and tasting buds that I’ve produced.

jack herer plants

Jack Herer seeds

Jack Herer is a very lanky plant. Jack Herer seeds will grow tall cannabis plant if you light it. Jack Herer plants is an expert always playing.

Jack Herer seeds is probably better for outdoor. You don’t have as much into it. But it’s also a decent greenhouse and you can’t grow it indoors as well it just depends on what it gets what you put into it. If you make more branches and get a bigger plant you can get a lot more yield off it in an outdoor.

Greenhouse situation versus indoor and a highly restricted root environment. It’s one that one’s real equal shoot and you can’t grow a great big plant with a little bitty room. Indoors Jack Herer takes a while to fly.

The benefits of growing Jack Herer seeds outdoors

While this strain can be grown indoors, many people prefer to grow it outdoors. There are several benefits to growing Jack Herer seeds outdoors, including:

  1. The plant will get more sunlight, which is necessary for photosynthesis.
  2. The soil will be richer in nutrients, which will lead to a healthier plant.
  3. There will be more space for the roots to spread out, leading to a stronger plant.
  4. Pests and predators will be less of a problem outdoors than indoors.
  5. Overall, the plant will have a better chance of thriving when grown outdoors.

Jack Herer effects

Jack Herer is renowned for its soaring cerebral high, making it a favorite strain for creative endeavors and social activities. The uplifting effects are tempered by a pleasant body buzz, making Jack Herer perfect for enjoying during the day. This well-balanced hybrid has also proven effective in treating various medical conditions, including chronic pain, anxiety, and depression.

People reported us about feeling and effects using Jack Herer strain.

Jack Herer effects

Pros and Cons of growing Jack Herer seeds

Here are some pros and cons to consider before trying this strain:

  • Long-term effects.
  • Winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup.
  • Important yields.
  • Health effects.
  • Extremely potent.
  • Highly potent and effective.
  • Uplifting and cerebral effects.
  • Great for daytime use.
  • Can help with anxiety and depression.


  • Medium-hard to grow
  • Can be overwhelming for first-time users or those with low tolerance.
  • May cause paranoia or anxiety in some users.
  • Dry mouth and eyes are common side effects.

Jack Herer

Taste: Sweet, Earthy, Spicy, Lemon

THC: Up to 21%

CBD: < 1%

Height: 70 – 110 cm

Flowering: 9 weeks

Growing: Indoor/Outdoor

Gender: Feminized

Genes: Sativa 65%/Indica 35%


How to grow jack herer indoor?
Add a shelter near the lights and prepare the top of the plants to increase the number of buds exposed to light.

What is jack herer strain?
The Jack Herer strain is a mild hybrid with a sativa mix, known for its strong medicinal properties. It is also relatively easy to grow, making it an easy plant for novice cannabis growers.

How to grow jack herer autoflower?
Although not as high as other sativas, it can produce extremely good yields. This female will be fully mature in 9 weeks.

When to harvest jack herer autoflower?
Growers can expect this high-yielding plant to be ready to harvest in just 9 weeks indoor. Outdoor Jack Herer growers should be ready to harvest from late September to early October.

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