Purple Punch Strain

purple punch strain

Purple punch strain this is an absolutely wonderful cross of Larry og and granddaddy purple. Let’s talk about the backgrounds of purple punch strain.

Purple punch is a cross of Kenneth’s granddaddy purple which was created in 2003 as a medical strain. Ken wanted the perfect medical relaxation and he got that by combining two indica legends purple Urkel and big bud.

The result granddaddy purple is a wonderful cannabis strain that has been crossed with Larry og which is a cross of sfv OG and og cush. Purple punch really nice cannabis strain.

Purple Punch

Taste: Blueberry Muffins, Cherry, Spicy

THC: Up to 24%

CBD: < 1%

Height: 90 – 150 cm

Flowering: 9 weeks

Growing: Indoor/Outdoor

Gender: Feminized

Genes: Sativa 15%/Indica 85%

Purple punch weed

Let’s talk about the appearance of the purple punch weed. So, the purple punch strain has got a classic cannabis look to it leaning towards the indica side in the bud structure of course. There are lots of leaves on the bud. It’s a nice color. There’s lovely vibrant yellow orange pistols on there as well we’ve got lighter colored trichome.

Purple punch weed strain has got that kind of great fruity smell: grape and fruity. Out of the broken bud comes pungency pure skunk coming out of that mixing in with the perps mixing in with purple. That gas is actually there but still the fruitiness the grape. That’s sort of flavor absolutely delicious.

Let’s talk about the taste of this cannabis strain. Lovely clean with that is really nice flavor on the exhale start to get those fruity notes even that great coming through. It’s purple slightly gassy slightly jet fuel but not too over apparent in that area. Mainly just this delicious sort of fruity purple taste you know. That’s a nice flavor and again tastes really clean getting no soil skunks. But also soft fruity food.

purple punch weed

Purple punch auto

Purple Punch auto is a variety of cannabis that stands out from the crowd thanks to its gorgeous colour spectrum. You’ll notice shades of purple amongst the greens in the colours of this cultivar.

Along with the brilliant orange. The plant itself has a typical indica appearance with a short stature and round, globular buds which are aromatic and as purple as they are green. Several UK cannabis users commented that this variety is not very strong one user commented that the variety was ‘all purple, no kick.

In fact the information on the internet about Purple punch auto has conflicting information in sources some claim it has 18 to 20 thc and 1 cbd, while others claim 25 to 30 thc and 1 cbd.

This of course depends on the genotype. But we are leaning towards a lower potency as this variety is not known as a super strong cannabis strain.

Its genetics combine with Larry Og gas. Also known as lemon larry og. Bred from Kush Og crossed with Sfwog. And grandfather’s fruit purple.

Flowering period purple punch auto is 63 days, and the flavours include berry grapes and gas although perhaps less gas and more like grandfather’s purple.

purple punch auto

Purple punch seeds

Purple punch strain is a variety cannabis bred in the USA by supernova gardens who gave the cuttings to the biodoscientist in 2013.

The cut was later donated to a breeder named Trey, who runs a brand called Village and has been working in the industry since 2009. When he originally tested this variety, it turned out to be 12 thc, so the dispensaries weren’t all that interested in but, the village persisted in testing the sample elsewhere where it turned out to have 18 thc.

Reliability of the first test initially, this strain became associated with the Village, but but eventually the Jungle Boys made a decision and the strain made it to Los Angeles.

20 April 2017 Symbiotic genetics, a collaboration biologists and the village released the second generation of purple punch seeds spots for the public from two Californian locations. Eight months later purple punch was named strain of the year.

It probably appeared in the UK around 2017 when the purple punch seeds were first released, but but it could also have been in 2018. That’s when we started seeing it around.

purple punch weed strain

Purple punch plant

Let’s talk about the effects of purple punch plant. It’s got those effects on that side of the spectrum happiness as well as another effect. You’ve got that lovely cushy hybrid strain mixed with that rich indica relaxation. This is a cannabis strain for the evening time is something that’s gonna relax you might make you a bit sleepy.

Purple punch plant is an evening variety that doesn’t knock you out, so if you’re looking for the strongest effects. You won’t find them here, but consumers do report a good level of relaxation when consuming this strain.

In our experience, the tart substances include caryophyllin pepper citrus limonene and pinene pine the effects are relaxing, happy and sleepy.

But this one may cause dry mouth dry eyes and even in rare cases feel a slight dizziness if you are less experienced. One user has reported that it is effective for them as a patient using it to treat sickle cell anaemia while another cited this variety as useful for bipolar disorder.

Other potential therapeutic uses include sleep aid depression, pain, anxiety and stress.

Purple punch plant


Is purple punch indica or sativa?
Purple punch strain is indica dominant strain: Sativa 15% / Indica 85%.

What strain is purple punch?
The Purple Punch strain is a famous indica that is a cross between two classic indica, Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple. Grapey sweetness, blueberry aroma.

How to grow purple punch strain?
Purple punch grows in a sunny, humid climate, so growers of this bud need to provide efficient lighting and a strong heating system. Those who prefer to grow outdoors will need a mediterranean climate to get the most out of this bud, and the harvest period is mid to late October.

Who created purple punch strain?
Purple punch originates from the Supernova Gardens seed bank.

What does purple punch strain taste like?
It’s packed with in-your-face flavor: blueberry muffins, cherry, spicy taste.

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