Lemon Pie Strain


Lemon Pie strain is a hybrid strain of cannabis that has been gaining more and more popularity over the past few years. The strain is known for its sweet, citrusy aroma and flavor that reminds many users of actual Lemon Pie.

This fruity flavor combined with its high THC content makes Lemon Pie weed an enjoyable experience for recreational users, while medical patients find it especially helpful in relieving symptoms such as pain and stress.

In this article, weโ€™ll explore the effects of Lemon Pie as well as what people are saying about it in reviews from around the web. So letโ€™s dive into our review!

Lemon Pie Seeds

Lemon Pie

Taste: Lemon, Dough, Sweet, Pine

THC: Up to 24%

CBD: < 1%

Height: 80 – 100 cm

Flowering: 8 – 9 weeks

Growing: Indoor/Outdoor

Gender: Feminized

Genes: Sativa 50%/Indica 50%

Appearance Lemon Pie Strain

Most strains have distinct visual characteristics that help to identify them from one another, and Lemon Pie strain is no different. It typically has large buds with dark green coloring along with yellowish-orange pistils throughout – giving off a light lime coloration overall when ground up or broken apart by hand.

The buds also give off an intense scent reminiscent of lemons which further confirms youโ€™re dealing with some genuine Lemon Pie weed!

Aroma & Flavor Profile

As previously mentioned, Lemmon Pie gives off an intense lemony aroma when broken apart or ground up โ€“ making it unmistakable even without any kind of vision test!

When smoked/vaped, this strain tastes just like you would expectโ€“sweet yet tart notes accompanied by hints of pine on the exhale make each hit flavorful yet subtle enough to enjoy without feeling overwhelmed after just a few puffs.

Lemon Pie Effects

One thing most people agree on regarding Lemon Pie is that it packs quite a punch in terms of potency. Most report feeling relaxed both mentally and physically almost immediately upon first inhale.

For those looking for relief from chronic pain or insomnia , they will be happy to know that this strain offers strong analgesic properties. People suffering from anxiety may also benefit from smoking/vaping some Lemon Pie weed strain due to its ability to provide calming effects.

Additionally, those who struggle with depression can find solace in knowing that regular use could potentially increase their mood significantly. Lastly, fans of cerebral stimulation can rest assured knowing that this particular hybrid provides stimulating mental clarity which could be beneficial when tackling creative projects or difficult tasks requiring concentration.

Lemon Pie Strain Effects

Lemon Pie Auto Reviews

Reviews across the board seem very positive towards this powerhouse hybrid. Many describe how much easier it was for them to fall asleep at night (due to its sedative qualities) while others praise how well it helped relieve their chronic aches & pains quickly without any harsh side effects such as dizziness or extreme drowsiness afterwards!

Some customers even noted increased feelings happiness & general wellbeing after using Lemmon Pie auto – making them feel much better than before consuming anything else medicinal marijuana related products!

Overall, reviewers seem very pleased with their experiences using this specific strain so far. Not only did they receive relief but they were able to do so without having deal any unpleasant side-effects normally associated other types medicinal cannabis products available today.


Pros and Cons of growing Lemon Pie seeds

Growing Lemon Pie seeds can be a great way to add texture and flavor to your garden, but there are both pros and cons that should be considered before taking the plunge.

One of the main benefits is that these plants produce a high yield of flavorful fruits throughout the season.

Additionally, they are easy to care for, requiring minimal maintenance such as regular watering and pruning.

On the other hand, you’ll need plenty of space in order for them to grow optimally because they spread far apart as vines.

Furthermore, if exposed to temperatures below 55ยฐF (13ยฐC), they may not survive or will suffer from stunted growth until warmer weather returns again in springtime.

Finally, while Lemon Pie seeds have an attractive bright orange color when fresh; over time their colors will dull once picked from branches or after being stored in cool climates due cold damage.



All things considered, there’s no denying why Lemmon Pie has become increasingly popular among both medical marijuana patients and recreational users alike โ€“ not only does taste great but delivers powerful therapeutic benefits too!

With its unique blend potent psychoactive compounds coupled strong physical relaxation capabilities, there’s something everyone whether looking get rid certain ailments simply want relax bit after long day work!

Ultimately though decision try out yourself lies solely on individual so take time educate understand exactly what type effect might seeking achieve before hopping headfirst into trying out new product like Lemon Pie strain.

Lemon Pie

Taste: Lemon, Dough, Sweet, Pine

THC: Up to 24%

CBD: < 1%

Height: 80 – 100 cm

Flowering: 8 – 9 weeks

Growing: Indoor/Outdoor

Gender: Feminized

Genes: Sativa 50%/Indica 50%


Is Lemon Pie indica or sativa?
Lemon Pie is a hybrid strain of cannabis, containing both indica and sativa genetics.

How strong Lemon Pie seeds?
The strength of Lemon Pie seeds will vary depending on the breeder.

Does Lemon Pie help pain?
Lemon Pie may help with pain relief, but this has not been scientifically proven.

How much does Lemon Pie yield?
Yields for Lemon Pie can range from medium to high, depending on growing conditions and techniques used.

Is Lemon Pie auto easy to grow?
Growing Lemon Pie auto-flowering plants is relatively easy compared to other strains.

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