Amnesia Haze strain

amnesia haze strain

Amnesia Haze strain is ready to be cut in just 70 days and is a hybrid with very high yields. It is ideal for experienced growers with plenty of space and is an active grower and bloomer with all the characteristics of the sativa strain.

Amnesia Haze yield has a potency of up to 22% THC. This autoflowering hybrid is well suited to outdoor growing in warm climates, and it is very successful and can be produced in large quantities. Also for indoor growers looking for a high yielding plant.

Amnesia Haze autoflower

Amnesia Haze

Taste: Lemon, Peppery, Herbal

THC: Up to 22%

CBD: < 1%

Height: 90 – 150 cm

Flowering: 10 weeks

Growing: Indoor/Outdoor

Gender: Feminized

Genes: Sativa 70%/Indica 30%

The buds of Amnesia Haze autoflower can be described as much more compact than traditional varieties, with tightly clumped and tightly packed sepals. They are covered in a resinous coating of bright orange hairs and have a coarse texture and large stems. The fragrance is a blend of citrus, orange and mandarin with floral notes.

Amnesia Haze strain THC

Amnesia Haze Strain Cannabinoids THC

Amnesia Haze effects

The high produced by Amnesia Haze strain is a thrilling roller coaster of sensory brains. After smoking, you feel focused and highly motivated, but the energy shifts to a calmer and more relaxed state, perfect for stimulating your inner philosophy. Perfect for musicians, writers, readers, gamblers or just relaxing at home with friends.

Amnesia Haze Effects

Amnesia Haze weed

Some reach heights of up to 150 cm, and Amnesia Haze weed is one of the tallest autoflowering varieties. Its stems are widely spaced and when it flowers it becomes bushy but tall, which is typical of a sativa-dominant strain.

In the weeks before harvest, all the surrounding leaves are covered in frost, and the trichomes glow and drop oversized, bright orange, hairy pistils. At harvest time she is tall and strong.

amnesia haze autoflower

Amnesia Haze seed

Amnesia Haze strain is a good choice for those who have experience growing difficult sativa and grass plants and have a good understanding of growing plants using techniques to get the most out of this monster plant.

Amnesia Haze sativa or indica

Amnesia Haze Genetics

Amnesia Haze flowering time

Shoots are large and dense at flowering, so reinforcement or additional support should be added at flowering to prevent overhanging branches due to overproduction.

Amnesia haze auto

Amnesia Haze auto

With a unique blend of orange citrus and floral notes that transform into a deep, citrusy flavor on inhalation, Amnesia Haze auto will be your new favorite blend with a taste that is as long-lasting as the scent.

Growing Amnesia Haze





Mostly Sativa


Harvest Indoor

Harvest Outdoor


400 – 650 gr/m2

70 – 300 gr/plant



Is Amnesia Haze sativa or indica?
Amnesia Haze strain is a sativa strain: sativa 70% indica 30%

What is Amnesia Haze strain?
Amnesia Haze is a hybrid variety. Despite its misleading name, this hybrid will not make you feel fuzzy and forget everything that happened after smoking.

Is Amnesia Haze strong?
Amnesia Haze has an average THC content of 21%, but tests have shown that it can reach up to 23%.

How to grow Amnesia Haze?
Amnesia Haze needs a long and warm autumn if you want this strain to finish perfectly. It can be grown indoors or outdoors. Suitable for indoor and outdoor environments with constant temperature.

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